I Said I Wouldn't Do This!

Ok, I was talked into creating a blog to showcase my creativity. I have been resisting this for far too long, but now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Caregivers Cruise

Hi everyone!  I need your help.
I nominated myself for a caregivers cruise which I saw on a newsletter that I get for caregivers.  It has all sorts of good information it for those, like me, that are now in the position of caring for a loved one.

A little bit about my story, since I didn't write the full story when I nominated myself.

Back in 2004, I moved my parents from the East Coast out here to Tucson, AZ.  In 2007, shortly after my dad had his 90th birthday, he became ill and passed away in October 2007.  About 6 months later, my mom suffer a TIA (stroke).  After rehabilitation, she was able to move back into her apartment, but still needed assistance.  She lost most of her vision after that time and I took on the task of taking care of her on a daily basis, all the while working a full time job.  I eventually moved her in with me after losing my job and on her insistence so that I could stop running myself ragged.  

I eventually found a new job almost 2 years later, but my job doesn't stop once I get home from work.  I tend to all of her needs, including having to use my vacation days to take her to her doctors appointments. We have traveled together to see family members, but I have very little downtime because I worry about her and not wanting to feel like I'm pawning her off on someone while I visit with friends.  I could really use some me time and this cruise would be just the thing to energize me.

So if you could please click this link and vote for me on a daily basis from now until August 24, 2013, I would deeply appreciate it.  Feel free to pass the link on to anyone that could assist me in winning this cruise.  The more the merrier.

Vote for Helen

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Card Box Holder aka Mama Nell's Organizer

Wow!  Once again, I've been slacking.   I have been creative, but just not enough time to take the needed pictures to put into blog posts.  I've been working solo at the job that enables me to be creative since October 1, 2011 supporting 3 hospitals as the sole lab analyst.   We just hired a new analyst that started @3 wks ago, so I have a reprieve and can play catch up with delayed work.

So after much ado,  I've been oohing and aahing over some of the creativity being done by my fellow scrapbook artists.  I'm loving quite a bit of their creations and marking things for inspiration.  One of my favorite online websites that I frequent is the Graphic 45 blog .  There are some fabulous paper crafters from all over doing some phenomenal work on this website.  So if you've not been there, type quickly or click the link after you've read my post .. ;) .... and head on over there.  

After getting a posting on Facebook of a new entry,  I went to look and my jaw dropped.  It was a project created by Jim Hankins aka The Gentleman Crafter .  I bookmarked it and told myself that this would be my next project.  I found he had a tutorial, so in support of his efforts, I bought it.

Once a month on Friday evenings, my large scrap group meets, so in preparation on Thursday night, I cut out all of the chipboard pieces that I needed to create this organizer.  While watching TV, I assembled the box and was all set for Fridays crop.  Of course, those 5 hrs are for being quite creative, but it's usually my social hours (keyword = hours) because not much scrap wise gets done by me.  I didn't cover this one, but created a new holder using Kraft colored chipboard.  The finishing of this one would have to wait.   On Saturday , I managed to finish it up and I'm pleased with the outcome.

I'm in awe of my own work (pats self on back) and have requests to make more.  I'm thinking Christmas gifts with card sets. 

So Here's my Card Box Holder.  I used Graphic 45 Paper collection - Curtain Call.  I really love these images and had a hard time trying to decide which papers to put where.

Here's the front of the box.  I used Tim Holtz Hinge post on the front to enable me to hang the Crystals.

Here's a side view of the box.  The Rhinestones that I added to the top are now more noticeable.

This is the base of the card holder.  I think I might go back and add some of the pattern paper to the bottom of the inside so it doesn't look so plain when the actual holder is not sitting in it.

This is the open view showing the tab folders.

Closeup of the tab folders.

I opened the lid to show that I added pattern paper to the inside to hide the screws from the door knob.
Mama Nell's Organizer Tutorial by The Gentleman Crafter
Patterned Paper: Graphic 45 Curtain Call (2011)
Graphic 45 Color Box Dye Ink - Dark Cashmere
Black Chipboard
Double Sided Tape
Scotch Quik Dry Adhesive Glue
Recollections Rhinestones
Tim Holtz Foundations
Tim Holtz Hinge Fasteners
Tim Holtz Ornate Plates
Tim Holtz Crystal Curio Knobs
Tim Holtz Baubles
Tim Holtz Paperclips

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Give Us This Day

Wow, can't believe how long it's been since I've even able to blog something.  I have been creative, but haven't have time for posting my creativity.

While browsing one of my favorite scrappy forums, a member posted a card that she's created using a MTC file.  I have so many friends with Cricut machines that are so disgruntled with the lack of support with the product and everything else, that they are jumping ship and going to other cutters such as the Pazzles, Silhouette and Zing.. To name a few.  They are doing fantastic things with these tools.

But since so many are flooding the market with their used cutters, cartridges, gypsies and the gamut, you really have to hope that someone that really wants your discards will come along and swoop these tools up.  For now, I will hold onto my Create, Pink Expression, E2 and my yet unopened  Imagine (that I've not been able to sell).  Offers are still being taken.  ;)

After coming home last night from my monthly Friday scrap group, I decided to break out a cartridge and use it for an intricate cut.  So many have complained of not being able to cut these types of cuts.   After making a minor adjustment on blade depth and speed, I cut out a gorgeous intricately cut cross. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

I used my E2 machine and have the setting cut for the thin paper at medium, blade was on 4, speed at 3.  I find that slowing the speed down help to decrease the paper tearing and cutting all the way through.

I used the Cricut New Testament cartridge using the cross on the Shepard 1 image.  I cut two out... One at 2.75" and the other at 3".  I used the 3" cut on the card since the 2.75 was too small for this card.

Here's a closeup of the cross.  I do see 2 spots where I didn't weed correctly, but I love it.

I've been trying to decorate the insides of my cards as well to give a bit more character. What do you think?

New Testament cartridge
Patterned paper - Recollections stack Graceful
Ribbon from my stash
Studio 18 Rhinestones
Coordinating plain paper from stash
Versa Magic Pumpkin Spice Chalk Ink

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