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So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Caregivers Cruise

Hi everyone!  I need your help.
I nominated myself for a caregivers cruise which I saw on a newsletter that I get for caregivers.  It has all sorts of good information it for those, like me, that are now in the position of caring for a loved one.

A little bit about my story, since I didn't write the full story when I nominated myself.

Back in 2004, I moved my parents from the East Coast out here to Tucson, AZ.  In 2007, shortly after my dad had his 90th birthday, he became ill and passed away in October 2007.  About 6 months later, my mom suffer a TIA (stroke).  After rehabilitation, she was able to move back into her apartment, but still needed assistance.  She lost most of her vision after that time and I took on the task of taking care of her on a daily basis, all the while working a full time job.  I eventually moved her in with me after losing my job and on her insistence so that I could stop running myself ragged.  

I eventually found a new job almost 2 years later, but my job doesn't stop once I get home from work.  I tend to all of her needs, including having to use my vacation days to take her to her doctors appointments. We have traveled together to see family members, but I have very little downtime because I worry about her and not wanting to feel like I'm pawning her off on someone while I visit with friends.  I could really use some me time and this cruise would be just the thing to energize me.

So if you could please click this link and vote for me on a daily basis from now until August 24, 2013, I would deeply appreciate it.  Feel free to pass the link on to anyone that could assist me in winning this cruise.  The more the merrier.

Vote for Helen


  1. Oh, Helen, I so understand your position as I've been a caregiver for several family members, and now I tend to my aunt. I know you are doing a wonderful job and you are soooo blessed as is your mom.

    Sorry I missed your vote-deadline but I hope everything turned out as well as you expected.

    Big hugs and much love to you, sweetie!

  2. Dropping in to say hi and that I hope all is well, Helen. Hope you'll let us know how the cruise turned out!



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