I Said I Wouldn't Do This!

Ok, I was talked into creating a blog to showcase my creativity. I have been resisting this for far too long, but now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Handmade Satin Flowers

While browsing one of my favorite blogs a while back...  Paper Phenomenon ... Kathy Orta had shown some satin flowers that she had made.  They are all over Youtube right now... creating flowers of all sorts .. using various different media.  So I looked through my fabric stash and pulled out some material that I had hidden away.  Decided to try my hand at making some flowers.  They call them "Lollipop" flowers... but I don't know why since they don't look like lollipops to me.  Maybe I'm missing something.  LOL!

This past weekend, I was at my local hangout.... Making Memories Unforgettable ... otherwise known as MMU to us locals.  I bought my little lighter and some material with me and began to show my scrapbook buddy about a new technique in making flowers.  She's pretty much a flower ho and I enable her habits.  I keep a look out for all things flowers for her while out browsing the stores.

There was a little girl there scrapbooking with her mom ... I believe she told me that she was 6 yrs old.  She was working on her own scrapbook page and had all of these flowers that she was putting together in different combinations.  So being me, I went over to see what she was doing and complimented her efforts.

When I was showing how to make the flowers, she came over to my table with her mom to look at what I was doing.  After I finished assembling one of the flowers, I gave it to her for her stash.  She thanked me for it.  Soon after, she was back at my table offering me one of her flowers.  I thought it was sooooo sweet... that I told her we'd just shared our first "swap" together.  She was such a joy.

Well, anyways, here are the flowers that I put together late tonite while watching tv.  I finally found the sixxiz circle die that I wanted since the ones I made over the weekend were free-hand cut.  I'd rather do things the easy way if all possible... and boy was it a breeze to cut them with the die.

Sizzix Circle die
Satin fabric
Fabric Tack Glue

So, I needed to edit this posting to include a comparison of different ways of making these satin flowers.  The original version, I used a small grill torch (one of those candle torch's that you can use indoors.  Now, I thought there was another version and couldn't find it at the time.  Someone else had experimented and found that if they used a heat gun, they could shrink the satin this way also.  now it takes a little bit longer to do... but the effects are just the same... and the flowers come out a bit tighter.  Elizabeth  from the Cricut Messageboard did a video on how to do this...... go here to view it.

Here's the final product comparison.
On the left are the ones done with a heat gun and on the right are the ones made with fire.


  1. i've tried making flowers myself and they never turn up...am actually gonna sit down tonight AGAIN and try AGAIN lol...love yours since you sued fabric that others haven't...I am inspired :)

  2. Love your flowers. They are growing on me to make. I like making flowers but this one I may try outside because of the torch. lol.

  3. Helen, the flowers came out beautiful!


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