I Said I Wouldn't Do This!

Ok, I was talked into creating a blog to showcase my creativity. I have been resisting this for far too long, but now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ATC's and .........

Of course, they were swaps.  Did you think otherwise?
These were done over the past 2 months... but ... lol.... I'm a wee bit behind in posting.

So , the first one, you were to pick a lesser known holiday.  The theme is ... FUNDAYS of August. Celebrate the un-known holidays of August. 
You can find a full list of Lesser known holidays in August at the link below.

While browsing, I also want to really make it interesting in finding about something in history.  I chose August 24th.  Curious to know....he he.  Well, lets take a look.

Isn't this just too adorable!  Its Mt Vesuvius Day!  It erupted on that day.  Oh gosh... why can't I think of the movie in which this was a Jeopardy question.  Things that start with the letter "V" .  It was the movie in which he won the lottery and her ambition was to be a contestant on Jeopardy.  Somebody give me a clue!  When I remember , I'll come back and update this.  LOL!

And on to September's theme........TEA TIME!
I remembered I had this perfect patterned paper in my stash.  So I used that along with a Cricut cut.


  1. Beautiful ATC's Love the A Cup of Tea Stamp

  2. Adorable card. Very nice welded cut on the cup and words!!!

    P.S. Glad to see you posting!


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