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Ok, I was talked into creating a blog to showcase my creativity. I have been resisting this for far too long, but now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 Tags of Christmas - Day 11

Ok.... so I got a funny story for ya before I get to the tag.  On Tim's blog, after each days postings, he selects 12 comments to the blog and sends them a prize of some sort.  So I've been making sure that I get my comments in each day.  Well, this morning as I waited for him to post todays tag at 1am, I finally log on and look through the entire post and the last name that he has posted is mine.  But the time that it was posted to his blog was very late.  I can't remember when I posted or what I said.  LOL!   I got CRS.  So, anyways, I send them a note to see if its me because I know that I wrote something similar... but what the heck did I write.  I'm all psyched out thinking, yeah I've won, I've won... finally.  I log on to my email this morning to find that it was someone else.  Oh well.... I got another chance at it all.

I tell ya, Tim Holtz is having me fall in love all over with this craft and finding out what I can use for substitutions for the items that I don't have.   Now today, he's used those book plates.  I've looked at those over and over again saying naw... I will never use those at all.  And wow... the way he's used it on this tag makes me wanna go out and get them just so I can use it on this tag.  But the saver in me... what an understatement.... is saying oh, get up and get dressed and go get those elements.  What to do, what to do??  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Darn Tim and those dies of his.  I want them all.... but alas ... I'm not rich and I'll have to make do.  So once again, my cricut to the rescue.  I know theres gotta be a pine tree on there that I can use.  Hmmm... nothing that is just right, so I merged 2 trees.  Yessirree bob I did.  I used Camp Out and Dreams come true and came up with my own tree.  I didn't have that Sparkly Fluff that Tim used, but I used some MS Flock.

I started writing this post earlier today while I was working so that I could get everything down that I used on this tag.  But I had an itching to go out... so I did and go the Book Plates.  LOL!
I want the tag stamps that he has, but they don't have them in the store... so.......... I made my own sentiment in Word.  Yep, where theres a will, theres a way.

I didn't have any supplies to make the stamp like he did, so I just used a snowflake stamp that I have and inked the area to emboss.  I think it came out pretty darn good.

And alas, my tag is now finished.  Bring on the last tag TIM!!!

I just noticed that I forgot to add the raffia to the bottom of the tree.  I may ha ve to go back and change that up a bit.

The top of the tag showing the snowflakes and the embossing technique.

I made my own sentiment to go inside the book plate using Tim's words.
And I think my tree is pretty decent too.

Shipping Tag
Camp Out Cricut Cartridge
Dreams Come True Cricut Cartridge
MS White Flocking Powder
Tim Holtz Word Sticks
Tim Holtz Adornments
Tim Holtz Ornate Plates
Tim Holtz Fasteners
Tim Holtz Grunge Paper
Andironak Paint Dabber - Snow White
Distress Inks:
Walnut Stain
Dusty Concord
Stormy Sky
Peeled Paint
Distress Embossing Ink
Distress Embossing Powder Peeled Paint


  1. Wow Helen , you have gotten each tag done. They all look grand.

  2. Awww ... that stinks that you didn't win ... but I see on his blog you still have a chance if you've been commenting everyday. And your interpretation of his tags has been AWESOME!!!!

  3. Love this tag and all others. Hope you win something in the final draw !


  4. Thanks everyone. This has truly been an adventure.

  5. All I can say is WOW!!! You winning something from Tim is a wish MY heart is making on your behalf!

  6. Ok, so having jumped in with your day 5 tag, I have now been back and seen them all - for som reason it won't let me put this in under day 12, but that's blogger for you!
    Just wanted to say I have loved seeing all your tags, and reading your posts that go with them. How did the peach cobbler turn out?! Have a great day - no tags - but maybe we'll both with today, huh?! (yeh, right!)


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