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Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the Cards are Finally Finished!

Ok, I know I'm not in this boat alone.  I procrastinated in doing other things vs getting my Christmas cards created and ready to mail out on time.  I started a while back, but other things just got in the way.  So tonite, I finally got all of the cards signed, put in the right envelopes, Christmas letters tucked inside, mailing addresses applied and the envelopes sealed.  Then the fun began.

I went to look for the baggie of the 80 stamps that I had purchased and lo and behold, they were not in my bag.  Oh no!  What did I do with them.  I was in a card exchange with another group of ladies.  We decided not to do a secret santa, but instead, we all sent each other cards.  Since I had done those early, I put them in the mail almost 2 wks ago to get them out of the way.  I must have never put the stamps back where they were to go.  So here I go on the hunt for the envelope holding those precious stamps.  I tore up the living room looking for them ... and hours later, still no stamps.  Decided to start picking up the mess I've made with my late nite creating.  Moved a stack of unused cardstock and underneath were the stamps.

So, now, most of the envelopes have stamps on them.   Yes... most of them.   Funny story... hahahaha!
I was in this WinterWonderland Tag Swap.  I wrote an earlier post about them being lost somewhere at the post office.  Well, 2 days ago, they turned up in my mailbox with a little sticker placed across the "to" address stating that there was postage due.  Ok, heres where I get upset.  You know those self serve kiosks  that they have at the PO?  On this particular day almost 2 month ago,  I mailed 3 packages using that kiosk.  On that same day, I bought the Kwanzaa stamps that I lost here in the house.  So I handed the postal clerk the 3 packages that I had just weighed and applied postage to.   2 of those packages arrived at their destination, while this one envelope was held for ransom..... for $.34 .  You know I'm pretty pissed.  To make this long story short, I sat down 2 nites ago and created 14 new cards to mail out with the tags that were just returned to me.  They are just too pretty for me to keep them all.  So to make sure that I have enough postage on those envies, I'm taking them to the PO to have them weighed to make sure that I do have enough postage on them this time around.

So.... here's the 80+ cards that I have created for this year.  I turned them over so that the addresses wouldn't show.  But if you look in the middle... I left one card up to show my address label and the Kwanzaa stamps that I found.

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