I Said I Wouldn't Do This!

Ok, I was talked into creating a blog to showcase my creativity. I have been resisting this for far too long, but now is the time to finally get the ball rolling.

So here goes. Come with me on my journey into creativity.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Had to Take a Day to Myself

So, the 12 Tags of Christmas creating is over.  No , I didn't win anything from the Tim man ..... and am I bummed out... you betcha.  LOL!

There was so much creativity.  I know it was a hard job to choose 12 people at nite... then sort thru those names that had posted on all 12 days for the grand prizes.  There were 3000 messages posted so I hope they had some kind of name sorter. 

Anyways, I'm trying to keep my blog interesting so that people will want to come an look to see what I've been up to.  I've been staying up late at nite to get my Christmas cards done.  I'm almost there.  I have 20 more to go.  I made more than I usually have done in the past since I now have my mom living with me and I need to send out cards for her.

I'll be back later with the cards I've created.


  1. My...My...My lady....You've been a busy one.......Love all of your tags....I have time now to gothrough each one and leave a comment....Yeah...Hey good to hear you have your mom with you......I know it makes life a lot easier for ya....You gotta call me lady when you are not soooo busy......I too am going to tackle the 12 tags of xmas.....never thought to use my cricut carts....Clever idea......I am waiting for a few more of his items.....Hope I get them this week......But...it is so nice to see you scrappin' and creating.....

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog from ATT. Your tags are all wonderful!! I have to say I was really disappointed not to win too. I think maybe its like the lottery. Oh well there is next year.

  3. Sigh - I cruised through your Tim tags and they are all WONDERFUL!!!! Now if I could only find the time since Tim provided the inspiration - I need some Holiday elves to help me....

  4. Hi Helen. You asked what I mounted my tags on. It is artist board for oil paints ( I got it at the thrift store). I have a Zutter cutter so it should have been easy to just score my folds but I got it wrong and had to cut them apart. I used a strong tape to make the hinges. I gessoed it, painted the back with acrylic and stamped and added tissue tape to the front. Thanks for visiting.


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